So yesterday I tried to blog all about my freaking life, and when I went to publish it, no luck. Didn't work... I wrote all about my b-day, and this weekend, and it wouldn't even publish. What a waste. Well, I guess I'll have to do it again.

So this Saturday, I went to my friend Charity's wedding. It was the first Catholic wedding I've ever been to, and it was LONG, and I had no idea what was going on half of the time. Whatever, that's cool. It was beautiful and the reception was cool, even though I had to leave early to get to the highly anticipated birthday celebration.

So then I went to my birthday celebration. At first, I was kinda starting to get a complex that I didn't have any friends... then Andrea and Michelle came, and then Kim and Amanda came, and Kimmie brought me what was later referred to as my "birthday present." Sticking with the Sex and the City theme, I've decided to call him Berger. I don't think I've called anyone else Berger, so this is his name now. We met about a month or so ago, and hit it off right away, he said he'd call me so we could hang out and he never did. I just figured he decided against it because of a combination of some things some "friends" had said to him, and the fact that he is relationally involved. Well, we talked all night and had a good time, and I ended up being the one that drove him back to his vehicle. We sat and talked for what seemed like forever. It was very nice.

So, then on my actual birthday, I went to work (it was Monday), and I was minding my own business, and probably at about 9:30 a.m., who walks in but Mr. Big, and we sat and talked for a while... he flattered me, asking if I had lost weight, and then also told me that sometimes when he's writing songs (which I never knew he did), that he thinks of me, thinking that I would like the particular song he's working on at that time. He actually remembered and mentioned that he knew I always wanted to me the next Sandi Patty. I couldn't believe he brought that up, since I told him that about 3 years ago. He also said that if I ever wanted a song written, that I could just tell him the topic and he'd write one for me. It was very surreal. The whole time I was thinking, "No way this is happening." So when he left, he requested a hug, and I told him we should do lunch sometime (not really thinking of the consequences of that statement when I said it).

So then about oh gosh, a half hour later, I called Berger to see if he still wanted to "do lunch." He said yeah, so we went to Applebee's. Well, I think he made what I might call a cardinal mistake. He invited a mutual "friend," Andrea. Well, she's been completely against us even hanging out it seems like since we first met. There has been a myriad of things that she has said to him, from telling him to break up with his current significant other and go out with her, and the fact that she can't believe he could even think of another girl in that way when he's involved. So, pretty sure she's pissed off at me now. I don't really care, and here's why: Just because I have lunch with someone of the opposite sex, does not mean any of these things:
1. That I'm having sex with them.
2. That I even want to.
3. That we are "dating"- and those of you who attended IWU remember the whole "you're having lunch together, are you dating" trend.
4. That HE is cheating on his significant other because he's talking with a female.
5. That I care what anyone else is thinking when I go to lunch with a new friend.

That is my line of thought, and I am not going to change the way I think or act just because certain people can be rather judgemental. And the only reason she's so upset about the whole thing, is because suddenly now that there might be a possibility that he's "coming to his senses" and possibly ending the relationship that he's in, she's pissed because its not for her. And had I known that she was remotely interested in him, I would have not flirted or anything- but I didn't, and that's not my fault. I feel very strongly about this, because I LOATHE being stabbed in the back, especially when its by someone whom I've always been there for. I guess I'm done ranting about that... for now.

Anyway, I got a plethora of Pistons memorabilia for my b-day, that makes me happy, but this does not: That they lost last night, and then my boss (who consistently comes across to me in a negative way) tells me he thinks they're not going to win the series. Apparently, he wants his home vandalized.... I really shouldn't type that, because I would never do that because I'd be way to scared of 1. Being arrested and 2. losing my job, and I don't have any clue where he lives... and even if I knew the address, I probably couldn't find it anyway.


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