This weekend was excellent. Let's see, last time I wrote was about a week ago. Let me see what I can share that has happened in the past week.

Wednesday I got a call from Caramel that he was stuck on US-131 because his truck(for work) broke down and they told him they wouldn't have someone able to pick him up for about 2 hours. That sucked for him, but he eventually was rescued.

Thursday was my mom's (a.k.a. Freckle) 47th birthday. I'm all about this because my favorite number is 47..... why you may ask? Because it is completely random in every way. We went to this excellent restaurant in Lansing called "Cheeseburger in Paradise," and its one of Jimmy Buffet's restaurants. A pretty cool place. If you ever go, try the chocolate nachos. Sounds gross, but they're very good... just make sure you have room for them!

Friday on my way home from work I got a flat tire, thanks to needing not only an alignment, but a ball joint on the front passenger side of my car. I was rescued by a co-worker, and I am very thankful of that, because who knows how long it would have been til I would have gotten the tire changed.

So I called Caramel Friday, and he didn't call me back, so I just went to Karaoke. I got home around 2 a.m and thought it was kinda strange that he hadn't called me back. Well, then I figured he would probably call me right as I climbed into bed. So as I was getting all snuggly in my bed and just drifting off to sleep, my phone rings. Sure enough, it was him. He had just gotten home from work (now that he's back working 2nd shift). He wanted to get something to eat, so we talked for a bit and then he said to call him back in a half hour. Well, of course I fell asleep and probably called him maybe 45 minutes later... (I'm honestly guessing, since I was half asleep). Well, he didn't answer so I left a less-than-coherant message. He called me back at just after 4 a.m., and even though we both really were trying to talk to each other, we were both so dead tired, we really weren't getting anywhere, so we agreed to go to bed and that we'd talk Saturday.

Well, Saturday I spent half of the day sitting waiting for my car to get fixed, which was nice because I got to finish about 1/4 of the book "Wicked." Well, I got home and decided to take a shower and get ready, and right after I got out of the shower, Caramel called. He was planning on going to the mall to pick up something, and wondered what I had planned. He said he'd call after he got back. So, I was still tired from the night before, so I got ready and then took a nap. He called back a few hours later and I ended up going to his place. We hung out, went to dunkin' donuts (which was my first time there), and had a good time.

You know, there's nothing more romantic than falling asleep in someone's arms. I think it is just so sweet. I guess sleep is just such a vulnerable thing anyway, so that's romantic in itself- but there's just something so sweet and innocent about it. I thought I'd share that thought.

When is it too early for "I love you's?" For those of you who may think I'm crazy, let me explain why. Caramel asked me the other night if I had fallen in love with him yet. What do you say to that? You can't really say no if you care about a person, but I'm the type of person who can't say yes unless I really truly feel it in my heart. I didn't know what to say or how to respond, but all I can say is Time shall tell.

Here's a random fact you may not have known: Did you know there is a tribe in Africa that has a tradition that when a man wants to marry a woman, he must kill a dominant male lion and bring back the penis to the woman's family? He must do this to prove he is man enough to be a provider and a husband. Some also require to bring the head back to assure that it was a dominant male lion. Should we have more traditions like this in our country? Tell me your opinion.

Well, today has been a good call day for me. I'm ready to head home and relax. Maybe watch some Law and Order: SVU.... you know- it is my favorite show. Anyway- ROCK OUT! It will be nice to get outta here. Later playas! (Yeah, I'm ghetto!)


Monica said…
Ha Ha Ha, if a guy were to go after an Lion in the US... there would be some very pissed off Zookeepers!

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