There's nothing like deciding to update your resume (mostly for personal reasons), and having your boss walk in and notice what you're doing. I did this today, and I feel really stupid. I hadn't updated my resume since I started working here at Bankers, so I thought it would be something I should keep on top of. Well, right at I was on monster, updating the only saved version I have of my resume, in walks Adam (the big boss- whom I lost a bet to today- but it was only for a dollar). So then I get called into Jeff's office and get the question I know he asks whenever something is up. He asked, "What's the word?" I knew something weird was going on. Then I was informed that I should now make my resume private on monster so that it cannot be searched. I told him it has been public for over a year when I originally put it on there, and he said "well, its never come across my desk, and we use monster all the time." Whatever. If he chooses not to believe me, that's fine. I honestly don't want to leave Bankers, but you know, if things don't start getting better, I may not have much of a choice.

So now I feel like I'm going to be watched like a hawk, which sucks, because normally I have a pretty good reputation around the office.

I'm so ready for the weekend. I can't wait to see my boyfriend. I have missed him this week. Stacey is meeting Zack this weekend. We'll see how that turns out. I'll feel really bad if they totally don't like each other, but I think we'll have fun dancing at the club either way.

Has anyone been asked a completely odd question at a completely inappropriate time? If so, leave a comment (Monica- since you're the only one who reads this). If you have let me know what the particular situation was and what the question was. This happened to me recently, and I can't share the circumstances, but I was wondering if anyone else had something similar happen to them.

What happens when you just started dating someone- say a month ago or so, and they ask you if you're in love with them yet? How is it possible to answer that question? I mean, I don't know about the rest of you, but I really, really need to know before I say those three little words. How can you really know in such a short amount of time? And has anyone ever had a significant other actually ask this particular question (that wasn't the inappropriate question I talked about in the paragraph previous to this one).

So you know, the Pistons are 49-11. Keep it up Chauncey, Rasheed, Rip, Ben and Tayshaun!


Deven said…
Yeah. One of my students asked me in class who the father of my baby was when they first found out I was pregnant. That was inappropriate. I could have slapped him.

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