The Pistons are now 53-13, and play-offs are about a month away! Keep Rockin' out Rasheed, Ben, Chauncey, Rip, Tayshaun, Antonio, Delfino, Evans, and all the other guys.


Monica said…
You are going to hate hate hate me! It was one of the Piston's Players birthday this weekend and they had a birthday party at this club in Pontiac...I got to host it :-) Those guys are HUGE, I am serious, like 7 feet tall. However, I am ignorant despite the number of games I have been to, as to who they were when I saw them up close. Wish you could have been there. You would've got so much more out of it than I. I was offered to stay after and hang longer with the players in VIP once I was done with my gig, but it was late and I headed home. On the way home I thought how you would shoot me for doing that If you had the chance. However, it all worked out in the end when a completely adorable officer stopped as I was parked in this parking lot to assist with directions ;-) So it was a good night all around. Miss ya girlie!

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