Its finally Friday! Isn't it funny how we work all week to look forward to the weekend? Then we just start all over again. Crazy.

This weekend is going to be really fun. Some people from work and I are all going to sing Karaoke at my favorite karaoke place. I'm pretty pumped about that. Caramel has to work tomorrow, so I won't be going over there unless it is pretty late Saturday after he gets home from work. So I'm glad that we made these plans last Saturday to do this.

Taxes. Have to do them. Haven' t really even started. Crap.

What's the deal with me getting hosed on my commission? They're taking all this money away from me, and for all the money I've made, I am getting hardly any because of some stupid errors and ommissions insurance and office fund. That blows. Its not bad enough that I don't get advances anymore, and they're taking all this crap out of my check that I can't even afford. It blows.

I'm out. Getting ready to leave this place. I need to make some serious money this next week, since I won't get paid again until the 10th of next month.


Monica said…
Bout Damn time Sisterella!

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