This message is specifically for Monica: Yes, you are right. I do hate you for seeing probably one of my favorite players on the team. You are so lucky, and I am jealous.

Well, my Caramel is seriously sick. Today I stopped by his apartment to drop off some balloons just to show I'm thinking of him and hoping that he gets better soon, and he had some aparatus on his waist, and hooked up to his chest similar to what a heart monitor looks like. It was scary, and needless to say kinda freaked me out. Aparently Ralph's dad had malaria. He said that ever 5 or 6 years he would get sick from it and be that way for a few weeks. If that's all it is, then that'd be fine, but I was just worried it was going to be something where he was sick all the time, and that's not good at all. I'm still worried about him, and hoping to hear what the doctor said was positive.

So other than that I did have a pretty good time this weekend. Both Friday and Saturday night Andrea and I went to the townhouse for karaoke. Saturday I drank too much. There were guys that kept buying me drinks (I think someone was trying to slip me a roofie- not really, but that was something I remember saying to Andrea when we got back to her house). I was having a good old time and accidentally referred to someone's sister as a dyke (to his face). I asked him if his sister was the one who was a dyke. He got this shocked look on his face and then suddenly replied with a 'Yes'. It was awesome, I tried to play it off, but my friend Andrea was "embarassed for me," but at that point I also didn't care.

That night, Aiden was also there. He wasn't hitting on any skanks or anything, which I guess is good for him. He kept checking me out and looking at me way too much. When he left, I was getting ready to sing, and he hugged me so tightly and said something... I think he said something about driving safely, but I don't remember if he said anything else.

All in all, not a terrible weekend, even though my boyfriend is deathly ill. At least he's probably going to be okay. I can only pray that he will be.


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