Monica, thanks so much for the comment! That's so cool! You'll have to e-mail me sometime and explain exactly what you were doing there in the first place (at all those parties). I AM SO JEALOUS that you get to go to the Pistons game. If you get a chance to hug any of the players, make sure you mention my name!

Which reminds me, I need to hurry and get his done so I can go watch that action!

Anyway, nothing really new to report. Got some stuff going on.... its the week, so it sucks that I have to work and can't hang out with Caramel. I'll probably get over it... someday.

Anyway, i'm out... gotta go watch the game!


Moncia said…
Which one is your favorite player between me and my friends goin we typically can find a way to get to places others can't go...ha ha ha! talk to you soon hun!!!

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