So I'm going to cut right to the chase. The guy from the club called me last week... for simplicity purposes we're calling him Caramel (that's because Andrea misunderstood me when I told her his name and that's what she calls him now). We talked on the phone and then Friday we hung out at his place and watched the Pistons game. He is very sweet. He kept saying how beautiful my hair was, he liked my eyes, the way I dress, and how sweet I was. He was telling me that I'm going to fall in love with him. That's so adorable. I've never had any guy say that to me before. He is originally from Africa, and he's only been here for almost 10 years. So then he also kept saying that he is going to take me to Africa one day to meet his family.

Anyway, then I went over there again Saturday night and we hung out again... we didn't go out and do anything, just stayed in and enjoyed each other's company. It was a good time to be had by all. He called me Sunday afternoon after I had woke up from a nap, and asked me if I missed him.... because he missed me. Now some of you may be saying this sounds kinda scary, but it's not really. If you met him and knew how sweet and polite he is, you would understand that is the way he is. Plus, he's a lot better at communicating his thoughts and feelings than most of us who have English as our first language... which is also new for me. Most girls would probably agree that usually guys are not that forward about their feelings. Its a nice change.

Well, I'm off for now. Hope everyone had as good of a weekend as I did!


Moncia said…
You Go Girl!!! You deserve a great guy to tell you he adores you all the time :-) I know you will be so excited for me...I am going to the Piston's Game tomorrow the 8th, YEA!!!! My friends got me tickets for my Birthday :o) which is Valentine's Day, whew how the years pass by like crazy.

I worked the Super Bowl and have been doing a lot of promotional modeling and have put my professional career on hold for a minute or two, ha ha ha!!! Was on the list for the FHM party @ Envy which got shut down at 12:30 by cops over capacity...P Diddy party which was crowded and youdid not really see any one famous... The STEELER's Party, damn Betis...P Diddy and Jaime Fox @ Captain's Bar and Grille!!! I saw everyone from LL Cool J to Wycleff to Destiny Child to Nikki Taylor to Star Jones, to guy from NSYNC, to Fergie...Kanye West, Nelly,to Fabio to the Bus 36.......too many to list...ha ha ha this has definitely been the best promotion/s that I have worked.

Well Dolly I will talk with you later...come check me out on myspace some time :-)

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