Well this weekend has been nice, and fairly unevenful compared to last weekend! Which may be kind of nice. I got to hang with Caramel Friday night and practically all day Saturday, which was nice. His cousin and friend both want me to hook them up with friends of mine, but its too bad that I don't really have all that many friends to hook them up with. I'm trying though... between Charity and Stacey, I know I can make it happen!

So Caramel is now on third shift this week, which should prove to be interesting. I'll literally never be able to talk to him. Working 9pm to 9am... we'll see how much he likes this. I'm skeptical, but optimistic, hoping that he'll like it better than first shift. Now I realize even more why he doesn't like mornings. He stays up until like 5:30 in the morning! And eats dinner at 3 am?! Maybe he's still on Africa time or something. I don't know.

Anyway, I went to karaoke last night.... and some drunk guy couldn't stop telling me how beautiful I was. He was talking to me, and then all the sudden it was like it dawned on him... he gasped and said "you are beautiful!" then he asked if he could kiss me... and he kissed the top of my head, then got worried that my boyfriend would get mad. I just told him not to worry, cuz he wasn't there. It was hilarious, because he was so trashed.

I have nothing much else to say... JP is practically engaged and I'm so happy for him! I just had to put it in writing! I can't wait to meet his future wife! I'm positive he chose someone I will approve of!


Monica said…
Glad you had a good weekend finally :-) I just got back from Chicago...I went to the Salsa Congress which is chalked full of dancing and shows... classes and performances all week/weekend long!!! What a blast! Anyways will talk with you soon!
Jasmine said…
haha, I forgot I had your blog saved in my favorites on here. It was a good time at the Townhouse on Saturday, as usual :)
Later, hooker. :)

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