So the weekend is finally here! I am so beyond ready for the weekend! My cousins want me to come hang out with them tonight, but I have to sing with LACS for the LHS basketball game. I'm hoping Caramel will want to come, but I'm really not quite sure. I text messaged him today, but he's been working so I don't know if he will want to come to hear some old person choir sing that just happens to have me in it. I kinda wanna go sing karaoke too, but I'm really hoping Aiden won't be there... I really don't need any more complications in my life at this point.

Anyway Monica- your hair looks good. Its not that drastically different... it kinda makes you look older (not in a bad way).


Monica said…
Thanx Chica doll...hope all is going well for you and that you have a great weekend!!!

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