Have I ever written how much I absolutely loathe Valentine's day? Not only because half of the world does not know how to pronounce the word- some say valentimes and some say balentimes, or some other variation of the word that is incorrect- but because I have never had a positive experience on or around Valentine's day. I think it must be a curse. I am seriously pissed off because Caramel has not called me since Saturday when we spent time together. It really pisses me off because he went out of his way to tell me to call him if I wanted to hang out on Saturday night. Well, maybe it was better for me that I went out with my friends... but then I called him yesterday; having not heard from him- and he told me to call back after 9pm. Well, then he didn't answer and never returned my call. That just really irks me.

Anyway, lets talk a little about something that happened Friday. Gosh, have I had an eventful weekend. Friday I went to sing karaoke at the normal place, and my Aiden was there- the guy from New Year's weekend. I haven't seen him in over a month, because he just hasn't been around. Well, he ended up talking to me right when we were both about ready to leave- and he made a point to let me know that yes, indeed he was still alive. I informed him that it was good to know. Then he wanted a hug, and he came over and embraced me and proceeded to tell me that I need to audition for American Idol. I told him I had been considering it, and he said "don't think about it, just do it." But I then told him I do have plenty of time to make up my mind whether or not I want to pursue it. He then informed me that I needed to do it and if Simon Cowell talks crap about me, to come and find him and he will kick Simon's butt.

Then he moved even closer to me (so close that his whole torso was touching mine) and he looked into my eyes and said "You are the most beautiful singer I have ever heard, and you're a beautiful woman, but you could do so much better than me and you know it." And then I had to look away- to be fair to Caramel (which I'm nearly regretting now)- and I had to push his hands from where they were resting on my waist. He continued to tell me how beautiful he thinks I am, and that he's not good enough for me. Then he told me he's been praying for me. I told him I had been doing the same for him. He got this look in his eyes as if he were about to cry and said, "You have?" And I told him that I promised him I would, and isn't that what friends do? He agreed with me on my point. So then he said "I care about you a lot, and you know that, but you deserve so much better than me." I was thinking "what is the point of this conversation then?" So I tried not to look into his eyes, because I really didn't need the complication of him kissing me. So we ended up embracing again and parting ways. I just could not believe that his has happened to me! It truly is feast or famine with me!

Now this whole thing with Caramel is just pissing me off to the max. I can't even call him for fear that I will completely lose my temper.


Monica said…
Now Sweetheart, You know that Valentines day is my birthday right...so You have to hate it a little less now :-)

One day this will be your favorite holiday, but sometimes you have to have the rain before you can see the rainbow...isn't it funny how you can look at these cliches after something has happened and totally agree...but while you are in the thick of it they just really piss you off...ha ha ha!!!!

Sorry to hear about your torrid love affair :-( Welcome to the world of dating, te he! What a joy huh!!! Check out this link http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a301/lexydoll/ChicagoHairdo.jpg
What do you think of my new haircut...this pic is of me and my sissy at a Salsa Congress where we danced the night away!!! I got my hair cut my Jessica and colored by Cocoa at Vidal Sassoon in Chicago on the Magnificent mile!

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