Well, today and the past night have been interesting... we'll go in chronological order though.

Last night, after a less than mediocre day in the field, I made my way to the thursday night women's group I have been participating with at my church. Well, around 8pm or so, I got a call from my manager, Jeff. Now, Jeff was scheduled to go to meet my client's power of attorney to get this ridiculous situation taken care of that has left me without getting paid for 2 months. Now, he calls me, and I'm expecting him to tell me how he got everything taken care of and we should be expecting a check in a matter of days. Well, it was quite the opposite. He tells me that he never even got to go to meet the woman because she cancelled... then said if the product we are putting her aunt into is an annuity, she doesn't want to do it for a few reasons. Well, the door is still open to make some money, but that's not the point. The point is that I haven't gotten paid in 2 months, and I can't pay my bills without income. So my manager is trying to get me into good spirits over the phone my joking, but this is not helping. I'm in the foyer (i hate that word) of my church, just losing it. A woman in the group, who has been awesome enough to loan me some money because she knew I was having troubles. I'm talking to him crying and freaking out, and then the rest of the women there last night, oh about 5 or 6 total, come out and pray for me, and hug me, and "rejoice over me in singing." I felt horrible, because I felt like a total downer for bringing the meeting to a total halt, but I guess God had something else in mind. Anyway, I didn't even get home from that meeting until about 10 pm, and it usually gets out around 8 or so. It was something I guess I must have needed.

Then after all that drama last night, I got up to go to work this morning, really not wanting to be late (mostly because jeff made a point to tell me not to be late)- and I got stuck on my road- since it wasn't plowed and we got like 8 inches of snow last night. So I got to work nearly an hour and a half late, which wasn't a big deal because I am riding with a new agent on Monday. Then he tells me we basically have a sure thing to get some good money on Monday. Wahoo! Lets hope so. THEN, I found out that I finally have an advance coming again. Which means, I'll be getting paid in the next week. I can't even believe it. I've felt like a social worker the past two months, working for seemingly no money, and its almost like I don't remember what its like to get paid.

PLUS, tomorrow is our Christmas party, which is going to be awesome, and the men apparently don't have to wear suits anymore, just sport jackets, not that its that big of a difference. I'm still hoping to get in touch with Big so he will come with me, because I know we'll have a rockin' time. As long as no one calls him my boyfriend. A potentially bad situation. We shall see. There may be another defining moment coming soon. I can just say, this situation is unlike any other I have experienced in my entire life.

So- what's up with getting old? I'm only 25, and to some people I'm ancient (my brother and sister, I assume) and some people I am such a young, fresh, green individual. I don't get it. You can't have it both ways folks. I'm completely being stupid. I had nothing better to write, so I just started writing crap.

Well, its probably about time to actually leave, since I've been done working for a while, and I'm still somehow at the office. I'm a loser. I'm just hoping that my car will start. I'm nearly out of gas, and I need to drive 30 minutes home. I need to also try and get in touch with Big. Hopefully he's around. I have the hook up on the suit angle too. Now all I need to do is take care of a few other details and get film, because tomorrow night is going to ROCK!

I'm out for now, comment as you wish.


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