Just so those of you reading this know, you need to take everything I say with a grain of salt, and if you don't know what that means, you're stupid.

(I hope some of you can appreciate that opening line).

Anywho- so Saturday was the office Christmas party, and it was awesome. I had a rockin' time, and no, Big did not attend. It didn't really bother me, because I didn't have to worry about people telling him how much I talk about him or anything like that. Not that its constantly, but he's gotten a few "shout outs" in the past few months. Its mostly just the people on my team though. I understand the stress finals can inflict on a person in college, afterall, I went through more finals in my undergrad than most do (not really sure if that's true, but I did go 5 years). However, people at the office are not always so understanding. I don't really care what they think, because I know that I don't have to be defined by whether or not Big did or did not come with me to the Christmas Party. And by the way, I never cared all that much for finals, which is why my senior year, on finals week I remember actually going out to see a movie at the theater instead of actually studying. That was awesome. We went and saw "Catch me if you can," if you wanted to know.

My brother and I built a snow wall last night. Its going to be eight feet tall eventually and that will rock. Terry is convinced that it will protect us if the Germans decide to bomb Lake Odessa, which I am sure is a very good possiblilty. Crazy Germans.

What else happened this past weekend you ask? Well, I went to the High School's Christmas concert at Lakewood. Ahh, supporting younger siblings in their endeavors, no matter how little they care anymore. That was a crappy sentence. Anyway, there's a tradition that at the end of the concert, the concert choir and all alumni sing this cool version of "silent night." Well, I haven't been back there in something like 5 years... the last time I went Oster was still the director. Well, since I was there, I had to do it. I actually got approached by Bunday (the crumby choir director) about my voice and she asked me what I'm doing lately with my music. She wants to get an alumni choir together, and I wish I would have clapped my hands in anticipation and asked "Is Oster coming back?" and then when she said no, I would have acted all disappointed and sad. That would have been awesome. Ahh the things we think of too late.

We still haven't gotten our tree. I mean, our CHRISTMAS TREE. Its practically the day before Christmas and we don't have a tree. I think it will be today. Rockin' around the Christmas tree baby!


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