So, is anyone else annoyed that postage is going up again? I mean, I know that 2 cents should not seem like a lot, but it adds up fast. How much do we really need to raise the stamps up to 39 cents? And for that matter, why not at that point at least make it a round number so its easier to add up in your head? At least THAT would make sense to me. No wonder those people go postal.

Anyway, I'm a bit irritated. In the past few weeks, our boss said that if we weren't at a certain level of production by Christmas, we'd have to work the day after Christmas. Perhaps I didnt quite understand what he was getting at, but now the deal is that if we're not at a certain level of production at the end of this week, then we have to come in Friday.... you know, Christmas Eve Eve. It wouldn't bother me so much if I had known about it, and if I've had a bit better month (obviously) So I need to make about 700 dollars in the next two days, which is entirely possible, but I'm also riding with new agents both days, which means split commissions. I mean, I get an 40% additional commission on their half, but it still isn't as much as I'd make on my own. Oh well. I just need to make some cash money!

Ugh, so I will have NO break for Christmas which kinda sucks. We're supposedly self-employed, but we still have a boss that tells us whether or not we will have any time off for Christmas. It seriously sucks. Oh well, I'll get over it, maybe I'll still be able to ride with new agents so at least I won't have to spend gas money!

The holidays are going to suck a little bit just because of that, and I miss Big.


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