So yeah, Yesterday sucked because I didn't make any money.... and some stupid dude locked my keys in my car because I stupidly let him move my car when I was at his house and then he wanted ME to pay for it. Thank goodness his wife made him pay to get my car door unlocked since it was his fault. Some people's kids!!

Anyway, I'm excited because its finally time to decorate the Christmas tree. I can hardly wait!We got our tree so late this year and I just can't wait to decorate it, even though my sister never does it right.... you see, there is a correct way to decorate a tree, and an incorrect way to do it. MY way is correct, and any other way is wrong. I hope those of you reading this know me well enough to know how to take that statement.

What's the deal with me writing emails to people and never hearing back from them? I mean, I'm usually horrible at keeping in contact with people, but now that I'm trying to be better at it, the other people aren't responding! It sucks! I guess now I know what its like to those people that I haven't been good at keeping in contact with.

I wish I was rich.

So, it is finals week for many people this week. You know what that means: Christmas break is coming soon. I wish I had Christmas break. I'm out. By boss is close by.


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