Conan vs. Leno

Thanks to those of you who follow me.. lately postings have been few and far between, mostly because I was without internet at home for a while. Posting via Blackberry can be soo tedious.

I was reading on google news today that Leno's new 10pm show is struggling. This does not surprise me. I don't find any of his jokes funny, I find them lame. The only funny things he does are headlines and jaywalking, and those don't really have anything to do with his jokes, they just show the stupidity of people in general.

I also read something about him possibly going back to 11:30... wait.. he's struggling at one time, so NBC really things putting him at his old time will help? Hey, NBC, its not the timeslot. I think its time for Leno to retire from TV. Its long overdue. He does the same jokes night after night and they're not usually funny the first time.

They said they would give Conan a choice whether he wants to go to another network. Apparently this is all speculation ? I don't know, it was on the NY times website. I suggest that NBC, if they cancel leno's 10pm show, not to give leno another show, even if it is only a half hour (what would be the point?).

They need to not mess with my Conan. Conan is freaking hilarious and is a great tonight show host. What would they be thinking to bring Leno back? I don't know if any of this is true, but I do know that no one under 50 thinks Leno is funny. Period.


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