Jay Leno: Nice try.

Apparently last night on his show, Jay Leno said something like this about this whole late night debacle: "Its just business..when you don't get the ratings they take you off the air."

Really, Leno? You mean like your failing show? The one that has been cancelled because of its ratings? Hey Leno, remember when it took you 18 months to get your ratings to where the network wanted them? So you just crap all over Conan's dream because you can't face the facts that your out of date and ridiculously unfunny.

I will never watch The Tonight Show again while Leno is hosting. He is not funny, irrelevant, and in my eyes, ridiculously not classy, for allowing this whole thing to happen becaues you can't realize that you should be wearing all denim every day "working" on your cars and eating unhealthy food. I'm ashamed that I know that much about him.


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