Yeah, I said it... Leno Sucks. He's not funny. If NBC knew anything about TV or culture, or FUNNY, they would give Leno the heave ho. I am PISSED that they're pushing Conan back To give Leno a half-hour long show. I will always be sure that my TV is NOT on NBC for that time, and still Record Conan (whether he's on FOX or NBC). I am boycotting Leno. Seriously, if Leno knows what's good for him he'll retire. I thought that's what he wanted anyway?

LENO: You were funny 20 years ago, but your jokes are lame and NOT funny now. I will not watch your show and I will encourage anyone I know not to watch it.

(I'm not dellusional enough to believe he would actually read by blog, just venting).


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