Dear Leno, Bow Out.

I have heard over the years (even Conan has said it) that Leno is a "class act." He might not be funny but he supposedly a "good guy."

If he were such a great guy, he would bow out of this whole situation. I understand that he supposedly didn't want to leave the tonight show(he wanted to continue telling lame, unfunny jokes for years to come apparently), but the network decided to go another direction. Can you blame them? Now, its more about pleasing affiliates and new owners than anything else. Conan hasn't had a chance to really establish himself and his show (let alone settle in to his new home, no doubt)... and they're considering breaching the contract they signed years ago.

I don't care where Conan is, wherever he is, whatever network- I'll watch him. I will never watch Leno again. I think this whole thing would be fairly easily fixed if he did bow out, and do the graceful, classy thing. He doesn't seem to be doing that. Which pisses me off, because if he was such a great guy, he would. Its not like he needs the money. This whole thing is ridiculous.


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