Well, my mom is home. That is a relief. Ann Arbor is a long way away! She's still tired and what not, but coming along well, I'd say.

I went camping this weekend and it was... well, something. My family goes to the same place every year on the second weekend of August. We've been doing this for 27 years. Well, I was assaulted, and I'll save you the story. Basically I was trying to tell a guy that he needed to back off my Uncle or he was going to get killed and he grabbed my wrist and was trying to kick me out of the place (he had no authority there in the first place- well besides the fact that he never should have done that)- well he's probably lucky that my other Uncle was a gimp (he is in a walking cast) - anyway- my Uncle Tim grabbed him and with the help of some other women got him to let go of me. It was ... well scary to say the least. Anyway, I had a cop (a guy that was camping also) tell me that if I wanted to press charges I could. I figured it wasn't worth my time. The man never did apologize to me, but men like that usually don't, I figure.

By the way, My arm still hurts today and this happened Saturday.

Other than that, I played this toss game over at Sarah and Dale's yesterday after I got home and also sang some karaoke at their house (they have an AWESOME system in their home). It was an okay Sunday.


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