I got my harmonicas today! I was so excited! Too bad I got them too late to actually start messing around with them (although I was while I was driving- I know, real safe). Anyway, I'm so excited about learning and just playing around with them.

What else? Gosh its Monday- I don't know. I have an ebay problem. I recently allowed myself on there, and have already purchased harmonicas, a karaoke cd for WICKED, and actually currently need to pay for two more karaoke cds I purchased. This could be a major addiction if I let it. I could buy karaoke CDs all day long and still not have "enough."

I really want a Heart karaoke CD, because there are sooooooo many good heart songs, and there are so many of their more obscure songs that I can't find on CD! Anyway, I'd better go.. gotta work in two minutes!


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