I must say.. this week has been a different one.

First of all let me say thank you to all of you who have been keeping me in your prayers. I truly have felt a huge difference. God has given me a peace about what I need to do and that has been quite something (especially taking into account how I felt at the beginning of the week).

I have realized that the more I think about it I haven't really been myself... and I thought about it, and its actually been for about two years. I've actually grown weary of looking at pictures of myself in college and trying to remember how I was so happy. Why and how to get there again.

The Lord has really been speaking to me this week (saying pretty much the same things He always does, but we hear what we want to hear). Anyway, I have been feeling better. I'm just praying for the courage to do what I need to do and that He will give me the words to do it. I've had to make some apologies for my actions and words- a thing I'm not sure I've ever really had to do. Something a few years ago, I would never have had to do.

Keep me in your prayers. It also turns out my mom doesn't have a blood disorder, but they are saying the bleeding problems are just from the trauma her body has been through in the last few months or so. She may be coming home today, but I haven't heard word yet.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and encouragements!


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