I had a very good time this weekend. Our choir sang at a nursing home and it was just so precious. Then afterwards, we went to Sam's Joint in Alaska to eat. Man, that was fun. Sometimes I feel like a kid being allowed to sit at the grown-up table when I am with the members of my choir. My director is my old high school choir director, and that's the main reason I am participating in the choir ( besides my absolute love of music). Anyway, I am one of the youngest people in the choir. I am actually the second youngest... we got a new girl last year who officially makes me not the baby of the choir.
Anyway, I had so much fun, but there was a guy sitting next to me and Quig (another old High school teacher of mine) said something to him about the Pistons. Well, of course, if you've taken ONE look at my myspace page, you know that I am a bit of a fan, and that the last statement was the understatement of the century. Anyway, I had to put my two cents in. And I was sitting around a lot of men, who of course assume that I am all talk at first. Then I started talking in detail about some of the most recent games, and how I went and saw them in October (yes, pre-season). Anyway- the guy across from me (I have no idea what his name is, all I know is that he's a preacher somewhere in Lake Odessa) said, "You really are a fan." And I probably came back with some witty response in saying yes, and how that was again, another major understatement.
Why do men automatically think that I am really not a fan? That I really know nothing about basketball, when I normally know more about the game than they do. It is irritating. However, it gives me a chance to show them that I do actually know more about the game than they do, and that I am not all talk. A lot of men say that they want a woman who they can watch sports with, but then they get irritated and/or surprised when a woman knows more about it than they do. Yes, I am a HUGE Pistons fan. Yes, I watch sportscenter and follow the NBA AND I watch MLB (Major League Baseball) and occasionally go to see Minor League games (West Michigan Whitecaps).
And I am happy to say that I can watch a basketball game without the sound and completely follow and know what the calls are without a commentator telling me what the calls are (if the officials are good). And speaking of officials, I can tell you which ones I don't like, because they suck. I can recall major shots in games and I know the names of players on the other teams in the NBA and how they need to be played against. I'm sorry to tell you guys, but women can know things about sports, no matter what they may look like or dress. I wear skirts, dresses, nice clothes, and I enjoy opera, classical music, animals, basketball and baseball. I know things about the game. Just because I don't have a penis doesn't mean I am not intelligent enough to follow a basketball game and have an intelligent conversation about sports.
And I will continue to wow you with my knowledge on Rasheed's stats, and the fact that I know Jason Maxiell had a double-double in yesterday's game against the Bucks, and I know that the Bucks play in Milwaukee (even if I am not sure whether or not I spelled in correctly). OH, and I also know what a double-double is. I know what a reach-in foul is and what one looks like. I know when they're going to call a jump ball, and I know what a flagrant foul is. I know that it takes 16 technicals to get a suspension in the NBA, and that after every two technicals after that that you miss yet another game. I know that Rip Hamilton is three Techs away from getting that first suspension. I also know that if my team doesn't get their crap together they're gonna lose this game today. I think they'll come back because they have the tools to do it. And I know that because I know about basketball, even if I do have a vagina. Especially if you try to prove to me that I can't do it, because that will make me want to show you I know what I'm talking about even more.


Oh Kristen... a guy does want a girl to watch sports with him, but you're missing the key component. A guy feels like a man when he can tell the girl the ins and outs of the game. He wants you to think he's smart because there really aren't many other things that a guy is good at in life - at least anything that a girl would be interested in hearing about. Call it insecurity if you like. I watch football with my husband and enjoy it because he gets to tell me what's going on in the game and it makes him feel intelligent. It's fun sometimes to play dumb. In your case, you know so much about the game that it's intimidating to a guy. Hopefully, you can find a guy who is secure with himself and won't feel threatened by your knowledge of the game. In the meantime, it's kind of funny to hear you showing up other guys and their small attempts to appear smart.

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