I am watching the Pistons game right now and I am sooooo irritated. There are certain games, whether or not my team is winning that I get so upset. Games when it is BLATANTLY obvious that the officials are not calling the game fairly. When one team has shot a dozen free throws and the other has shot TWO- that is not fair. There is hardly ever a time when one team is fouling another that much more than the other. Usually if officials are calling a lot of fouls they call it both ways, because if they're calling a tight game and they are good officials, they call it both ways. However, this is not the case tonight. I get so irritated when I watch any game and I see that. What is the point of even playing the game? Why don't the officials just declare the team they want to be the winner if they have that much power? That is how much power David Stern (or as Rasheed has referred to him- Napoleon) has given the officials and it is not right. Any official who makes it personal or emotional when they call fouls and officiate any game should NOT have the honor of officiating a game. Now, I know enough about basketball that I could probably be an NBA offical, IF I wasn't so biased. I know I am. However, when I watch a game and I know the names of certain officials who will call more fouls on the Pistons regularly, there is a major problem.


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