I am currently on hold with AOL, and I have spoken so far to four people. One of which would not listen to me, so I hung up on her. I cancelled my AOL account in NOVEMBER, and I got s notice from my credit union today saying that AOL tried to charge my bank account sixty dollars yesterday. Well, this does not make me happy. I was sitting in this very place when I called the customer service line to cancel my account, and my mom was sitting righ here when I told the guy why I wanted to cancel my account. I also told him to cancel it effective immediately so I didn't have to pay any extra charges. He assured me that it was all taken care of. Well, its currently four months later and I am getting charged for it still, and its causing other checks to bounce too... and each time that happens the bank charges me an additional twenty dollars.

So now I guess I know why my bank account has been so screwed up lately. AOL keeps taking this money out of my account and it is costing me a boat load of money. I am so upset right now. As if its not bad enough that I can't find a job because no one will hire a college graduate, that now I have some company ripping me off and not paying me back what they rightfully owe me. I am so upset that I can't even handle it. Apparently I have no rights as a consumer and they will give me back less than half of what they have ripped me off with. I can't believe that ANYONE uses AOL. Not only does it SUCK, but their customer service and billing is ridiculous. I am irate and I will never use anything with the AOL name associated with it, because AOL is the biggest piece of crap that ever existed on this planet.


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