So, sometimes I think I'd rather go to bed early just so I can wake up sooner... even though I really know TECHNICALLY I won't wake up any sooner... but the time will just pass faster because I'm all snuggly in my bed... is that how you spell snuggly?

My favorite thing about life at this second is Conan O'Brien because he makes me laugh... if I could meet him I would ask if I could be a writer on his show because that'd be fun, and then we could be close personal friends and I could babysit his new baby daughter and Live in New York City! What makes me think of these things? I don't know.

I'm actually beginning to think that sometimes working at walmart can be a kinda pleasant experience... how odd is that? I have friends there, they think I'm funny, and I work at the service desk and get to hang with my favorite stockman half of the time! How awesome is that!?


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