Isn't life wonderful?! Today was a busy day of working 7-4, but I'm pretty sure it was like the best day ever at work. I worked with my favorite stockman and that was great.

Don't you love when people surprise you? And I'm not talking about a surprise as in a gift, but surprise as in something they say surprises you (in a good way) and it just makes you so happy inside? That's a great feeling.

So much is going on lately- things are great. I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow for work, so I'm here on a Friday night, WEBLOGGING, like some computer-nerd-doogie howser m.d. journal-keeper or something. OH well, I'm over it now. The past week has been so great that I don't care if I'm at home alone on a Friday night. And that's gotta be saying something.

Perhaps I should call my old high school friends more so we can hang out... sometimes I think that would be a good thing, but sometimes I'm scared that it will be so different that it will be like we don't even know each other anymore. I guess I'd rather stay in the "ignorance is bliss" stage than really find out that things have changed- even if they are for the better.

I must say although I don't really care that I'm home on a Friday night, I have the attention span of a 5 year-old lately and I'm feeling rather bored already. I guess that's just the way it goes.


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