Why is it that I can talk to someone on an every day basis for several months, and when it comes to the point of wanting to call this person, it seems so difficult, even impossible? Of course, this person is a guy.... so that is a big determinant... I mean, for goodness sakes, we've send the better part of the past week together for goodness sakes.... I guess it is because when we talk, its usually at work, and calling has a little factor of vulnerablility in it... the fact that you call someone means that you were thinking about them when they weren't there. Calling people has always been a little ... nerve racking for me... I know my former roomie Micah is with me on this one.
I can only imagine how anxious people that are classified as intraverts feel about calling other people... I don normally have a problem talking to people in person, so you'd think that I wouldn't have that big of a problem talking on the phone to people- but I do! Especially guys! Well, I suppose I have nothing to lose, except for MY PRIDE! Just kidding.

My brain keeps telling me one of two things: "call him!" or "NO don't call him and freak him out!" Maybe I have multiple personalities... Just kidding, I know I don't... but sometimes I think it might be cool if I did. Actually, I never really think that. I just thought it'd be funny to say. Now I'm just continuing to type so that it delays having to make a decision whether to call Mike or not. You know what'd really piss me off? If I finally got up the nerve to call him, and he wasn't there! HA! Irony... no that would'nt be funny... I would be ticked.

I am going to stop rambling now. Perhaps I'll write again later about what kind of decision I made or didn't make.


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