Sandy Rios Vs. Lady Gaga?

So I stumbled across a video online while reading another article that really made me surprisingly angry. (Click on the title of this post to get to the video).

This woman, Sandy Rios was talking (and really going off) about the new Lady Gaga video. She was saying that this video was poisoning the mind of our children, and also had the audacity to say it was mentally raping them.

This really ticks me off, because any parent who is allowing or encouraging their children to watch this Lady Gaga video shouldn't have kids. No, its not for kids... It is not meant for kids. People shouldn't be allowing their kids to watch these things... and if they fault is theirs.

Although some of the video is shocking (I began to watch it at work, and switched it off because she wasn't wearing a whole lot, and it was rather racy). However, she's not wearing much less than Beyonce does in a performance (she's a big fan of the leotards lately).

I know Lady Gaga is polarizing, but she admits she's an artist. I actually am quite a fan of her music. Sometimes her fashion is a little weird, but that's also how high fashion often is... and its no different than some of the costumes that made Cher famous (remember the "If I could turn back time" music video? She was bearing her booty and the tattoo on it). Not to mention Madonna.. she was VERY controversial back in the day.. now she's just got scary manish arms.

So basically Sandy Rios needs to shut up. She's an idiot. She may not like it, but the constitution protects the freedom of speech, and in a way, yes this is art. Much art is Controversial. It may not be moral. It may not even mean that the person performing it partakes in certain acts, or is a bad person. A lot of this stuff is done for publicity and to make a name for an artist/director/whomever.

Sandy Rios also says that this is feeding sexual predators desires. I'm sorry, but you're coo coo. There are a lot of other horrible things on line and in the world that will feed those sexual predators and their demented desires and thoughts. Don't blame Lady Gaga for the next 12 women who get raped or worse. There are always going to be bad people in the world... its not Lady Gaga causing them to assault women or even worse, children.

But having said that, Don't let your kids watch this! I can understand if you let your kids listen to the song "Telephone." It has a great beat, and it can be fun for kids to sing... I can't think of the words and don't know if all of it is appropriate for small kids. But this just shows that parents need to talk to their kids about sex, strangers, and all of that before something or someone else teaches them about it.


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