To All You Men Out There

Just for you men.. I'd like to give you some advice.

When you want to "take a break" or break-up with a woman... just do it. Don't drag it out... don't play games behind her back, don't stop calling/e-mailing/returning her calls. Don't change your phone number. Don't just disappear. You see, you might see this as the easiest way out... but its the cowardly way out. Its the weak way out. You see this as avoiding the tears, maybe the anger that she will have toward you. However, we see it as demeaning, insulting, and flat out rude. There's no closure. No explanation. Believe me, we'd much rather know that you're "just not that into us" rather than not knowing what happened.

You see, when we don't know what happened, we blame ourselves. We think "maybe its because I said this." Or maybe we think its because we did that (or didn't do something else). We don't know. This is not right. You can at least me man enough to tell a woman that you no longer want to see her TO HER FACE. NOT via text, e-mail, voicemail or letter. You need to tell her to her face. She deserves this much, no matter how upset you might make her. If you want to break up, you might have to deal with some tears. If you're a real man, you should be able to take that heat. A few tears? I mean would you rather her hate you forever? Believe me, its a lot easier to get over a guy when he breaks up with you like a man, rather than like a little boy- by just running away.

Ironically, the only man who has ever broken up with me in a proper way (to my face, with some honesty) was a man who is now openly gay. Really? And you straight guys can't handle it? Aren't you supposed to be the alpha males who can handle anything? It might be uncomfortable, it might be no fun, but its the right thing to do. And if you can't handle it, quite frankly you don't deserve any woman that you might be dumping for some stupid reason... because let's face it.. most of the reasons are idiotic.


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