Free Credit Score?

Don't ever use free credit I hate these people right now. They tell you that they will give you a credit score free, then ask for your card to "verify your identity" and then charge you a 15 dollar "membership fee" for them to watch your credit score. Then when you call them, like I did they say "you got a free credit score." I told them, No I didn't because you charged me. Then they gave me my money back.

ALSO, never buy anything online through walmart. I did.. well tried.. twice this weekend. First Friday I put in an order for a laptop. Then it got cancelled, which they never told me. I only found it was cancelled by checking the status of my order. They said it was cancelled because they "couldn't verify the security of my payment" or some BS. I used paypal!!!

Anyway, Then SATURDAY, I tried again using my debit card. So, they cancelled it AGAIN stating that it was basically an inventory issue (they didn't have it). It was never shipped, so they should have never even had anything on my bank account. Well, today I still have a hold a boatload of money on my account because as they say "it takes time for the authorization hold to come off." Why would they even put a hold on an account when they don't even HAVE the product?! This makes no sense to me. I have contacted their customer service (which like many places like that SUCKS), and they supposedly were sending a fax to my credit union. I e-mailed AND called my credit union. NO response to my e-mail yet, and when I called they transferred me to a woman and all I got was her stupid voicemail. I am really ticked off about this, and if this girl gets charged and NSF fees either walmart of my Credit union is reiumbursing me for that!!


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