Sorry about the gross pictures! I just want to inform everyone... not trying to over-share! They turned out dark on this computer compared to on my phone, so I'm not sure whether its just the settings on the computer or what. Sorry about that.

The signs of bed bugs from what I understand are that they are usually contained to a certain area. For instance, mine started on my armpits. I sleep on my stomach, so most of them were on the front of my body. They are very itchy. They don't exactly look like flea or mosquito bites, but everyone does react differently.

The best way to protect yourself from them is to get a fully encased zipped hypo-allergenic mattress cover. I paid about $60 bucks for mine at target, and it was microfiber. Its really nice and I'm glad I was kinda forced to buy it.
They are good at hiding, so if you suspect them, you need to vaccum EVERYTHING. INSIDE everything, under everything, around... etc. They can go for months without feeding so the best way they say is to get a fully encased mattress cover to trap and kill them over time.
There are other products you can get online that kill them instantly or over time, but you may not need them if its not too bad of an "Infestation.
On another note, DEVEN- I wasn't implying that I thought your house was a mess for sure. Haha. I was just recalling our room back on freshman year. It was always... "interesting." Anyway, you have a reason for your house to be a little messy- you have kids! Me- not so much. Couldn't really blame many messes on the dog or cat.


Deven said…
I totally didn't think you were making fun of me. I just think Momma probably got a kick out of it. :)

Speaking of my messy house, you need to come see it some time!

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