Question: IF said rash/bumps are/is a yeast infection on the skin, how does one get rid of it? I've only ever really heard of the other kind of yeast infections and know that there are treatments you can get over the counter. But if it is on my skin, what do I do to get rid of it faster?

(-Thanks Deven's mom, aka Pam)


Pamela said…
I had to go with a presciption and I used the generic nystatin-triamcinolone creatar. (google mycolog and it should come up).

Not sure what kind of prescition plan you have. I also googled skin yeast infection and it said to try lotrimin (most commonly used for atthlete's foot) if you want to try over the counter medication first.

Hope you find out what is causing your problem. Like you said, could be a lot of things. Just a guess on my part.
Deven said…
awww mommy. she knows everything.

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