So the mystery of the "rash" has been discovered. At least I think so. I'm pretty sure they were some sort of bites.

I have cleaned my room, purchased at $60 fully encased zipped mattress cover, and cleaned again.. vaccumming ever possible crevice in and around my bed.

I did this because after much research on the internet, I thought that I might have somehow gotten bed bugs.

Contrary to much belief, this is not due to bad hygeine. I clean a lot actually (Believe it or not Deven). I like my apartment to be free of clutter and mess. However, i did have some things under my bed where I found one insect that was dead I believe was a bed bug. It was just a decorative box, but its made of wood and they apparently love wood. It got into the crack and must have been hiding in there. They get in from luggage or even clothing. One could have crawled on my dog and made a home in my apartment basically overnight. This started last Monday. That's when I got bitten all up and freaked because I thought it was some sort of weird rash because they were all in the same place. Apparently this is one of the trademarks of bed bug bites.

I also killed a spider in the cleaning process (a really big black one that was on the ceiling). I believe that may have bitten me (at least once on my hand).

Well, the point is, when you travel please, please be careful what you bring home. Apparently bed bugs are more common in hotels and they like to travel in luggage. I never had the problem in college as much as I traveled, but we did rarely stay in hotels. So, when you travel, vaccum out your luggage, inside and out. Then if you have a bag to your vaccum, take it out and get rid of it, just in case. You do NOT want to wake up with what I did.

I will try to post pictures later so you (especially you parents) can know what kind of thing to look for on your kids.

Thanks for still loving me and not thinking I'm gross!


Pamela said…
Glad you got it figured out.
N. VanDervort said…
My sister got these and none of us other 5 kids did. Apparently some people are more suseptible to a REACTION to the bites. The doctor told us then, that you are having a allergic reaction to the bites. Some people can get bitten without having any knowledge or reation to the bites. Who knew?
Kristen said…
Yeah, I read online that all people do react differently. But even when I get bit by anything else, like mosquitoes I get a pretty bad reaction. I had them pretty much all over my upper body though. Under both arms, chest, stomach and thighs. A few on my feet. It has totally sucked. They're starting to not be as itchy now, thank GOD! Even with cream it is totally uncomfortable.
Deven said…
I'm pretty sure that, even if she didn't SAY so, my mom laughed at the "believe it or not Deven" part. My house is a disaster area! :) I don't think you're gross.

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