I have a strange rash/ itchy red bumps taking over my body!!!!

I thought it was from a medication, but the doctor isn't sure. They say its probably an allergic reaction. I haven't changed laundry soaps or anything so I'm a little concerned. It started around my under arms and upper chest and has gradually worked its way south.

Does anyone have an idea of what it might be? I'd go to the doctor if my high deductible insurance covered it!


N. VanDervort said…
No idea. How long has it been?
Kristen said…
To answer the question, its been since Monday. At least that's when I first noticed it. I did some internet searching (and some freaking out thinking I had everything that came up haha)... and a few medications I am on could be a cause, but I'm not really sure. I would like it to go away immediately.
Pamela said…
Possibly a yeast infection?

Hope you find out what it is.

(Deven's mom)

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