I had a few interviews lately... to keep you all updated on not just my opionion on Michael Phelps.. haha. I had a phone interview for a position in Orland Park, IL a few weeks ago. They told me that it would be a while until I heard back because I was the first to apply for the position and the first they interviewed. I had a phone interview yesterday for pretty much the same position in Fayetteville, NC. We'll see. The North Carolina people said they would have a decision made by the end of the week. I'm nervous. I'm ESPECIALLY nervous if I get it, because in the interview they said "Oh, just so you know, the position said it offered full relocation costs and it offers NONE." I was thinking "oh crap!" Nice to know! Thanks for the heads up, guy!
However, even though I know I don't have the money to move, I know that if I get hired that God will provide something for me. Anyone know someone in or near Fayetteville that could put up with me and my animals for a period of time? Haha... I know I'm the easy part. Its someone who would allow me to bring my animals too.
Other than that, I'm totally stoked for this coming weekend. I don't have any solid plans for the weekend except for watching some softball. Every year on Labor Day weekend, there is a big softball tournament in Woodland (a town nearby). I know some people who play in it and LOVE to go watch it. It used to be a huge deal and teams from ALL over the state would come. They even had a co-ed tournament in addition to just men's. Now its just the one. Last year I don't even think they had a game on Monday because there were so few teams. I wish they would do more to promote it. Its a really good time.
Oh- the picture in this post is from our division's picnic at my company. In the picture with me is Christine (we always got called each other's names). She has been worked with us this summer and last summer. She's loud and obnoxious and laughs at my jokes. I love it.


Amanda said…
Cute pic! I hope you hear back about one of these jobs soon. It's so hard waiting for news like that. So...I'm kind of distraught without the Olympics.
Romanava said…
Well, I don't know anyone IN Fayetteville, but we're a little over an hour away from there. We've got plenty of room here...hopefully Roman wouldn't terrorize your cat :)

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