Recently, Amanda Beard (whom I will refer to has Horseface for the remainder of this post) was caught talking trash about America's Golden Boy, Michael Phelps.
She was on some crumby radio show, and they asked her if she was dating Michael Phelps, and she said no. They asked her if she'd ever kissed him and she rudely responded "Eew, no!" She followed that up with-”C’mon, I have really good taste.”
Really, Horseface? Do you? I know that some don't consider Michael Phelps as the most handsome guy ever... but I think he's pretty dang hot. He's got an unbelievable body. I think he's cute, actually. People dogg him because he has big ears. Who cares?! No one is perfect... but AMANDA BEARD IS NO PRIZE! Hello!
Maybe she's bitter... because I'm sorry, but I doubt that Phelps is the kind of guy who would want a girl who is posing everywhere she possibly can NUDE. She's a butter face and everyone knows it (for those of you who don't know, that means everything's good but her face). She's posed in FHM, Playboy, and "for PETA" either nude or close. Sorry, but she seems like the kind of girl who is a little skanky, so I doubt he would want that kind of girl.
And now we know she has a superiority complex. Maybe she's kinda jealous that she never got as much accomplished in the swimming world as Phelps did. OR maybe he rejected her because she's ugly. Seriously. Phelps could do better than her, not the other way around. I've seen pictures of her "boyfriends" and none of them look half as good as Michael Phelps. And you guys, I have really good taste.
Way to go Amanda Beard. Way to get most of the world to HATE you.


Todd & Micah said…
Hey! I couldn't get onto your comment page fast enought today because you'll never believe what I just heard. Ok, so I wanted to have a cordless phone for my classroom and since I wasn't using the phone I used in college at our house anymore, I decided to set it up in my classroom. So I'm sitting at my desk, hitting some buttons on the answering machine to set the time and then I thought, "Hey, I still have some messages on here that I saved." So the first thing I heard was Joel Cash in his crazy voice leaving you a message about how he grew boobs on his face! Do you remember that message?! I died laughing! I'm so glad there weren't kids in my room cause he just went on and on about the boobies on his face. Oh, if I can record it onto something,I am so sending it to you. Talk about classic. And I'm so glad I have it, cause whenever I'm having a really crappy day, I'm just going to listen to that message. Oh, great post by the way. Michael rocks! SEE YA!!!
I couldn't agree with you more on Phelps & Horse face haha! Great post.
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