I had a pretty good weekend. Saturday I mostly just spent chillaxing with my dog (Tayshaun) and Sunday I had a visitor. One of my great friends from High school was in town and she came over for lunch and talk time. She was at my place for three or four hours.

Beth and I talked a lot about different things, but I think the person we most remembered was Andrea. We both were very close to my Best friend from High School, Andrea Dahms, who was killed in a car accident in Mexico a few months ago. We talked about memories of her, and things that we all three did together. I know that her heart aches as much as mine does from the loss of one of the most wonderful and joyful Servants I've ever known- and one of the best friends I've ever had.

It was good to catch up with Beth and to be able to make her a little meal. We had a good time, and I wish I could spend time with all my old friends like that. Its not often that I get to anymore.

So basically what I'm saying is that Sunday made my weekend.


Glad you had a nice visit. Sometimes I really really miss all my friends (from IWU). Wish we weren't all scattered all over the place. I hope the insurance job works out for you!

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