So, not only is my mom in the hospital still.. but there's more.

My sister's boyfriend broke up with her today. Two months after their son was born, he broke up with her. I saw this coming. He is an irresponsible alcoholic jerk, who tried to cheat on her with her friend, and it did not work.

Ugh. Men, sometimes. I mean, I guess I should not lump him in with all of you, because not all of you are completely bad. I mean, I must say that about 90 percent of you are completely confusing (the other 10 percent are probably gay- and we understand those guys... a fat lotta good it does us). I guess I am able to relate to her... because I know what its like to be completely devastated by a guy. I mean the past few months have been completely miserable for me. I went from so amazed and surprised by a relationship that had formed to.. completely confused and devastated.. and in the dark. That last part is the worst. The in the dark part. You see, I can deal with things if I know what is going on. I cry, I get over it. However, if I don't know... how do I cope? I guess that's just the way I look at it. I'm still unsure of what is going on in my relationship, but I remain hopeful. I had a good weekend and I'm still holding on to that for now.

I just had my heart break when my sister told me not to get too attached, because of what happened when she did. I hope she doesn't feel that way... because for a long time I did too. I know a great book she should read... and I'm going to buy it for her as soon as I have the funds (its called Captivating, and I'd recommend it to any woman, whether struggling or not).

The good news is she got a job. Its her first job ever. Since she just graduated high school, thats understandable. I'm glad she got one. I am very confident about her getting custody of Isaak, because of the father's past record. I just pray I am right. And although I know my sister deserves better, I'm sorry that she had to learn the hard way and get her heart broken.


I am so sorry that things are so hard for you right now. I'll keep you, your mom, your sister and your sister's son in my prayers. We pray everyone morning at about 8:30, so you can know that you are being thought of and prayer for at that time for sure.

I hope things start to go better for you all soon!!
Amanda said…
Hey girl...sounds like things in MI aren't so much fun times right now. I'll definitely keep your whole family in my prayers.

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