I recently logged in to my myspace account to see an advertisement for the new "Dwayne Wade Limited Edition T-Mobile Sidekick." How much is T-mobile kicking themself for that choice now that D Wade is most likely out for the season, with a possibility of having surgery on his shoulder. The first things that came to mind for this sidekick are: Does it constantly fall down and get hurt? For a "Star Player," he gets hurt more than I believe most young guys should. Maybe that says a lot about his game, but then again, maybe it says something about his conditioning. I want to know if this sidekick needs to constantly hurt itself and fall down and pretend people hit it to draw a foul. I want to know if this sidekick will allow me to recieve favoritism because of the name.

I say this all in good fun, because lets face it, DWAYNE WADE IS HOT! And, he's just a great player. However, you should probalby stop hurting yourself so much. Shaq can't carry that team... I mean he might be able to come close literally, but come on, he's too old and fat to be the star of a team that wins the NBA Championship.
Too bad my team is the one who really benefits from this. I'm almost sad...


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