First of all, I must welcome Micah and Todd to the blogging circuit! How fun is that! I'm so excited that more and more people are joining us blog addicts, because then I can acutally know what is going on in my friend's lives!

Anyway, so I've been sick for about the past week. So I went to the doctor the other day (63 bucks out of my pocket, since I have no health insurance)- and first of all, the physician's assistant there is a girl I went to high school with, so I'm glad it wasn't something really embarassing or anything. Secondly, I don't have strep throat, which is good. I may have a viral infection or mono. Well, I've never had mono before, but I have been pretty tired lately. Anyway, to sum up, if I don't feel better next week, I need to go in to get a mono test (which will probably cost me another 63 bucks).

So I think I either have skin cancer, or mono (that's an inside joke for some of you out there).

So yeah. I'm quitting my job ASAP. I've been sick, so its been delayed, because there is some business that I need to take care of before I leave there. Anyway, I've been working on my resume, wishing I had saved the previous one I worked up onto a floppy. UGH- typing the whole thing again has been exhausting!

Anyway- besides that, I am so excited about the NBA Playoffs! They start Saturday, but for me they start Sunday when the Pistons play the Bucks! I can't wait- the starters have been out of the games for the past 3 or so games, so I'm so ready to watch them rock out again! I love Rasheed! I will have his children! He's my favorite!

So I have a back-stabbing friend, who knew? My so-called friend Andrea is a bizzle. This guy, Berger, who was (probably not anymore) remotely interested in me and called me has been hearing it from her, I guess. She acted all excited when I told her what happened, but I couldn't see her eyes because she had sunglasses on. She went to him and told him he should date her, and told my friend Jasmine that she was totally against the possiblilty of anything happening with me and him. Well, with friends like this, who needs true enemies? I guess the old addage is correct- keep your friends close and your enemies closer. It doesn't matter with her though, because she's a complete and utter liar. Even if I confront her about it, all that is going to happen is she's either going to completely lie to me, or she's going to get pissed and start telling lies about me (that none of my friends will believe, but maybe Berger would since he doesn't know me at all). So, I'm irritated to the max about it, and I don't know how she could do that. I've been such a good friend to her, although last year she didn't talk to me for 6 months about something stupid, I was there when her gramma died. That just pisses me off.

So I had to call him and leave him a message saying whatever she's been saying, I have nothing to do with.... because I have no idea what's been going on. I absolutely hate the fact that she is so insecure about herself, she has to do these things. What makes the whole situation even worse is that if she told me she had a thing for him, I would have forgotten the whole thing. I would have never let him have my number, and that would have presumably been the end. But since she's been so dishonest and two-faced about the whole thing, I could care less what she feels. She obviously doesn't have any consideration about any of her friends.

Drama, drama, drama.

Besides that, the whole Aiden thing is stagnant. I think his brother and his girlfriend are trying to get him to be with me. She went out of her way to ask me if I liked Johnny Cash, and when I answered went out of her way to say "see, she likes Johnny Cash...." It wouldn't surprise me if so, I know that they like me and that they want to see him with a nice girl and not some skank. Oh well, we'll see. I probably screwed the whole thing up last time he kissed me anyway- by not doing anything. Oh well. At least my conscience is clean.


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