Wow, my life is crazy. So this weekend, I went to the townhouse both Friday and Saturday. Friday was pretty much normal, with the normal crowd, but Lorena came to hang out too.

And then there was Saturday. Now Saturday is a different story. We were having a good time, Lorena brought some people and we were having a good old time. She had brought her daughter and some of her friends, and they were fun because they're more my age.

Well, anyway, that's not all that interesting, but the next part is. Now Aiden was there. Now normally, I don't go out of my way to get myself into trouble with him because of our past and what happened. However, I was pretty upset with Caramel at the time because Friday he said he'd call me and he never ended up following through. I know he's sick and all that, but I was still pretty irritated, because at this point, I'm not sure whether it is the illness or the fact that he's sick of me or something. So anyway, Aiden kept looking at me while we were just sitting around and smiling at me and stuff when he was singing. Now, I've been trying to avoid this, because I still do have feelings for him. Now Dave called us all up there to sing a song as a group... it was the song by Hank Williams "Family Tradition." Now a bunch of us were up there and Aiden stood right next to me, and when we were singing he was standing so close to me I could have died. Now he lately has been pretty much keeping his distance after what happened a few months ago, but he's been more affectionate toward me lately. So I just kinda didn't do anything, and he kept going out of his way to wave at me or smile at me.

So then it got extremely interesting. Aiden was freaking out because his brother had borrowed his truck keys and never gave them back to him. So his brother had left him there stranded with no way to get home. So after trying to call his brother and not being able to get in contact with him, I offered to take him to go get his keys so he could come back and then drive home. Well, he was so grateful, and thanked me profusely. Well, he talked the whole way to his house and I was glad that he was still comfortable with me. Then we drove home, and there was no funny business to speak of. Well, when we got back he couldn't thank me enough, and gave me a big hug, which was fine. Then before I knew it he was holding my hand and thanking me again and telling me how sweet it was of me to do that for him. Well, then before I knew it, he kissed me. At that point, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I was so torn, because I have been seeing Caramel, but all these feelings for Aiden are now resurfacing. So at that point, even though I may have wanted to kiss him again, I didn't. I just looked at him waiting to see if he would say anything, and he kinda just gazed back at me. It was kinda romantic.

So then we went back to the townhouse, and to make a long story even longer, we ended up going to Stacey's house afterwards. We hung out for a while and I tried my first beer (it was pretty gross). We had a good time, but I was so tired... I think we all were. So Aiden was ready to go home and hinted the fact that he was going home to sleep in his racing trailer, but I wasn't sure if that was supposed to be an invitation or not.

So now I guess I'm just going to see what happens next weekend. Still no word from Caramel, and I was pretty pissed off about it until I talked to Ralph about his experience with his Dad's Malaria. So, I don't really feel guilty, but I might if Caramel really is just sick and does still want to be with me. If he's just blowing me off and kinda using the sickness as a crutch. I don't know. The truth will be known soon. Until then, I'm just having fun.

So to make a long story short (for those of you who know anything about Sex and the City), I think my Aiden may be turning into my Mr. Big and then Caramel is My Russian, but maybe he's becoming my Aiden now. Just a theory. Chew on that one a while.


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