I went to a pretty fun bridal shower on Friday (not as fun as Amanda's, but it was pretty good). We went to this place called "Piece of Mine Pottery" and they have all this pottery stuff and you can paint it. Then you leave it there and they glaze it or whatever, and you can pick it up later. I can't wait to see how mine looks. I was so crafty, I can't even believe it!

Ka-rock-ee was pretty fun...Dave looked so awesome in his Elvis costume. However, stupid Aiden made me mad. I shouldn't even call him by that name anymore, because I'm not even sure that he deserves it. I was furious at him on Friday. I thought things could be normal, even though a few weeks ago he kissed me and I didn't kiss him back or even say anything to him about it... but apparently we can't be normal yet. So I was being normal and just chatting with him and we were laughing and carrying on and I thought of how nice it was because he wasn't being an idiot about everything and just ignoring me or something. Well, then there was some old skank there who was old enough to be both of our mother- and he was all sitting closer to her and putting his hand on her leg. And of course, even though I didn't kiss him a few weeks back, I was still jealous. So, I heard her say something to him (I'm not sure exactly what) but it was about me... I'm assuming it was something to the effect of "aren't you with her," and he responded with (AND I QUOTE) "its okay, she knows how I am and she still likes me." I was like HOLD THE PHONE DOUCHEBAG- think again! I was so furious the rest of the night I couldn't even enjoy what was left of Elvis Night. Good thing he left relatively early, because I was so furious I could have done something really stupid.

Next time we should have Elvin night. Like in Lord Of The Rings. Rock out!

So, I'm entering the cheesily named competition "Ionia Idol" with the encouragement of some friends. First prize is 1,500 bucks and I want to win it. I just need to pick two songs of contrasting styles that are under 5 minutes each. I'm kinda excited and the actually competition isn't even until July.

So Anyway, I went to Karaoke on Saturday too, and it was much better because Aiden wasn't there. I had a good time and was sooo soooo glad he wasn't there. I probably would have ended up screaming at him or worse.

I'm quitting my job Friday. Yay for me! Now I just have to act like I'm working for the remainder of the day so I can get out of here. I thought I was going to have a sale this week, but it turns out its a bust until next month, so I gave it to Lorena. She'll owe me a beverage or lunch or something. Whatever. I can't do this anymore. I can't do this with gas being $47 a gallon, or whatever it is by now.

Love ya all, and thanks for continually reading my blog! Just so you know, the first round of the NBA playoffs has begun, and The Pistons are up 1-0 in the series with the Bucks. Game Two Is tomorrow (Wed.)! I'm so excited! Go Chauncey, Rasheed, Rip, Ben and Tayshaun!


Hey Kristen! I was so glad to find you and see that you are doing well. We are as well. We have a baby now (he turned 6 months on Friday). His name is David and you can see lots of pictures of him on our website. Check it out!
Love, Michelle (D'Amico) McCallum

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