What sucks the most is that I'm pretty much done for the day and I need to stay for training at 2 pm. I guess it could be worse.

However, I'm pretty excited about the fact that I get to go to a bridal shower tonight. Its for a friend from high school, and I get to see another friend whom I haven't seen in YEARS! At least, it seems like years... Its been nearly a year. I'm so excited to see Bethy! She would hate it if she knew I called her that!

So on the down side, I was hoping I'd get paid today, and I didn't. Crapsticks. I loathe the pay system here, but I don't think I'll be needing to put up with it much longer.

Oh, also ELVIS NIGHT is here. Tonight at the place where I sing karaoke, we're having Elvis night. That should be fun. Dad (Dave) will be dressed up like The King himself, and I can't wait for that!


Todd & Micah said…
Elvis night?! Todd would have a blast! Did you know that he played Conrad Birdie in Bye, Bye Birdie in high school? It makes me laugh just thinking about it :)
Deven said…
Did I ever tell you that a man at our church in Lafayette called it "ka-rock'-ee." I snort with laughter. Snort, snort.

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