So yeah, I am growing more and more nervous about my upcoming interview on Thursday. What if I say something completely stupid? What if they don't hire me? I'm hoping and praying that I will get this job, even though I'm not quite sure what is included in this job. I do know that they called me based on what they saw in my resume on That is a bonus. I am completely scared. I really need a job, and I am scared that if I don't get this one that I won't get an opportunity like this again anytime soon.

So I get to be in Nicole's wedding, and talking to her tonight about it was so surreal. I miss hanging with her and I know once she gets married, things will never be the same again. That is how it always is. Marriage changes friendships. How many of my married friends go out of their way to call me and see how things are going? How many of my married friends want me to come and spend a few days with them? Not many that I can think of. I mean, not that I don't respect the institution of marriage, because I totally do, and hope to take part in a marriage myself someday, but its looking like that won't be for a long time. Wow, that is depressing. I know that I say I want to go to graduate school, and I do; With all my heart... but I also want to find someone I can truly trust, and who knows me well, and who loves me for the person I am. Wow... heavy.

For any of you who may be actually reading- if I haven't seen you in a while, know that I miss you. I miss all my friends that I hardly ever get to see anymore. I hope you all are doing well, and I hope to see you very soon.


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