So the Oscar Nominations came out today. I was okay with them for the most part, except for the fact that The Passion of the Christ got the shaft on some of the areas where I thought there should have at least been a nomination. Just because of "politics" within Hollywood and the fact that all those actors and crap are all big fat liberal communists. Yeah- I said it.

I was really upset when I was watching Fox News today and they were talking about making the morning after pill an over-the-counter drug. And the woman who was on there was trying to justify making it legal by saying how difficult it is to take a day off school or work to go to the doctor and get a prescription for it. I wanted to stab her in the face when she said that. Of course not literally, because I don't even know who she is, but you get my point. If a girl can't restrain herself from having sex without being on birth control or taking the necessary measures to make sure she doesn't get pregnant, we as a society should not make it easier for her to kill the baby she made when "just having a little fun." And I don't think she should even be doing it in the first place if she is not married.

Maybe I shouldn't be saying all of this since I am a illegitimate child and without a night of irresponsibilty, I wouldn't even be here. I still think that it is extremely wrong to even consider the morning after pill or abortion. To me they are one in the same, and if my mom had chosen to take the morning after pill or had actually gone through with that abortion when she was in that clinic, I would not be here. And I know that she is glad that she didn't do it.

Whew- heavy. Well... what else... I got my federal tax money today. Wahoo. Did some shopping, trying to find some new clothes for my interview. Impossible. Maybe I should have looked in the department stores, but I HATE department stores in the mall. Oh well, I shall try again tomorrow.

Ha, Conan just made fun of the Olsen Twins! Rock on!

Well- I don't know how much more I have to say. I'm looking forward to a big weekend celebrating Andrea's birthday. I'm also getting my hair cut tomorrow. I looked for what seemed like hours in one of those stupid hair magazines and I still have no idea what I want. I usually loathe going to get my hair cut, because they usually screw it up and do something that I hate. We shall see how it turns out. Then I will change the color of my hair. I'm glad that if you actually are reading this that you care about that! I'm sure you don't!

That's it for more of my useless information or rants. Stay tuned...


workingbroke92 said…
Yes i know you wrote this awhile ago..but it brongs up memories of humiliating moments of the olsen twins. @ the olsen twins

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