So today I went to H & R Block and got raped for them doing my taxes. What I mean is they charged me way too much! I can't believe that I payed one hundred dollars in order to get my taxes done there. I am supposedly getting my check tomorrow, and if I don't, I'm gonna be seriously pissed. Oh well, the lady was pretty nice. ALSO- What is up with single people getting screwed on their taxes? Unless you are married or have kids, you get screwed with taxes. I got almost half of what I would have gotten if I had any other dependents. It kinda sucks. Oh well, I'm over it now.

So there is only a few more days until my job interview and I am still praying that I will get it because I really really really need the job. I was thinking of all the advantages of having this job would be. I would love to get my own apartment so I can decorate it! That would ROCK! I have so many ideas to decorate my own little place. That would be extremely exciting. I would have a real job! A real job that I can respect myself for and I can start saving for graduate school and pay off my debt at the same time!

Well, the final challenge on the Real World/ Road Rules Battle of the Sexes! I am pretty sure the guys are going to SPANK the girls! They are going to crush them! I'm excited! The girls deserve it! They play dirty and vote all their good players off. I'm excited. That's all for now. Peace out.


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