Standing Up for Friends

I literally just finished a blog about not being stood up for. However, this is what happens when I stand up for my friends.

My friend Andrea has some health issues. She is always going through some sort of treatment for this or that. She has heart issues. So any undue stress on her is not good.

She had this Ex who was dating this pyscho. This psycho would text her all the time and call her and harrass her. She was still talking to her ex and his family. This woman did a lot of very high school-ish things and went to his family and was trying to talk badly about her, was trying to keep her out of his kid's life.. all sorts of dramatic crap.
So finally, I had enough. I sent him a message on facebook telling him to be a man and make this stop. I told him I don't care who you're sleeping with. I don't care that you and Andrea broke up, you know that happens. But if you're going to be friends with her and not look out for her health, that's another thing. I told him he should be the one to make it stop.

Well, my friend Andrea is just finding out about this. I guess she brought me up and he said he didn't like what I said to him (just because he didn't like it doesn't mean I wasn't right). She basically asked me not to say anything to him. I said I swear you don't have to worry about me every saying ONE single word to him ever again.

A real man steps up when he's told to be a man and to do his duty as a friend. A real man doesn't throw a tantrum about it and say "I don't like that." A real man can handle being challenged by a woman.


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