What happened to figure skating?

I remember back in the day watching figure skating... and if the person fell, they were pretty much out of the running for metals. Now, the way the score it is so jacked up, that if you fall, but you have a bunch of other (not artistic, but difficult) crap in your routine, you still get a metal? This does not make sense to me. I watched MOST of the pairs skating last night... and I saw a lot of people falling, and one pair which got the bronze. But there were many other couples who did a fine job without falling who got much lower scores because they didn't pad their scores with extra points by grabbing the blade of their skate (making it much less artistic if you ask me) and doing all sorts of ugly positions while spinning. WHAT HAPPENED?! Why did they ruin this competitive sport? Its not as fun to watch as it used to be. No one has any clue where the points come from anymore.

I feel sorry for most of the people who skate in this sport, because I think the scoring has ruined the joy of watching it.


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