I am extremely frustrated right now... and there's nothing I can really do about it.

Last Friday (not the 29th, but the 22nd)- I got a message via IM from my man saying that he was going to call me. This might seem wierd, but he not too long ago traveled home to Africa in for a family emergency and was gone for a while. In order to get money for the extremely expensive trip, he sold his phone to a friend. Well, since then he hasn't had a phone. And that I know of, since he's been back he hasn't gotten a job. Employers apparently don't like it when you pick up and leave for another country for months.

Anyway, we haven't had phone contact since he left and has been back. The last time he tried to call me from his computer, I didn't answer because it said "Unknown number" and on my phone, that usually means someone calling for some guy named Charlie Jones that I don't know, never have known and never will know. He apparently isn't too great at paying bills.

Anyway, that was the reason he told me he was going to call... because the last time I didn't answer. So, I being the silly, head-over-heels in love girl that I am stayed home nearly all night (except for a small excursion for Chinese food) waiting for a phone call. Got nothing. So I believe the next day I sent him a message saying that if he called I never got it... and was hoping to talk to him soon. Sunday comes around... still nothing. So I message him asking him if he's okay. Still nothing.

So then about every other day since then I've either sent him an e-mail or a message asking him if everything is okay, and praying that he is. Still nothing. I have it set up so that on my blackberry when i send an e-mail I will get a receipt when the e-mail is read. Still nothing.

So I called his old number of his phone he sold. The person called me back, but I couldn't answer at the time, so I called back again and left a message. That was Monday. No response back.

I hate to think the wrong thing, but I can't really help it. I also can't help but think he could be deathly ill or hurt in a hospital and I have no idea. I hate that. If anyone out there has ever not been able to contact the one they love, they know how I feel. It is absolute agony.

So If you're a prayer, please pray for us, and for him. Also for my mom as she is sick & in the hospital, but I don't know what's going on with that yet. Please and thank you. I'm going crazy here!


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